RPG Projects is a fully integrated property development business that creates innovative and high-quality property developments in various asset classes and sectors across the Melbourne Metropolitan area.

Established in 2005, RPG Projects specialises in purchasing inner-city development sites, and developing them to make the most of their potential.

RPG Projects is recognised as one of Melbourne’s premier private developers – a testament to our commitment to quality and our insistence on always working with the best people in the industry.

A Full Service Approach

Fully Integrated

We are a fully integrated property company – developing, marketing and selling our projects in-house. This means that customers are dealing with the developer directly, knowing that we create, own and manage the process from design through to post-settlement. We are with you every step of the journey.

The most talented people come together to ensure a seamless customer experience and positive outcome for our customers, whilst maintaining the integrity of our vision for our developments.