RPG Capital is an investment-led, highly specialised, independent service connecting our clients with undiscovered opportunities and wealth within property.

RPG Capital responds to clients who wish to extract more than land value out of a project and would like to move up the risk curve and participate in development. The business also identifies opportunities for clients who have Capital to invest in Projects.

We are able to create individually tailored investment plans for all property classes and provide bespoke advice, informed by intelligent research, putting you on a pathway for sustainable property investment.

With a deep understanding of your requirements we build capability to align with your property aspirations; whether they be short, medium or long term. Our deal structuring expertise always seeks to optimise returns, delivering the investment objectives expected of our clients.

Our Managing Director, Maurice Romano, founded the Capital arm of the business to generate growth outcomes for equity. The success of RPG Capital has been built around providing Independent Transaction Management services; managing the divestment of single properties and Portfolios.

Our role in capital management

Joint Ventures

- We created joint ventures with domestic landowners such as 10 Martin St Medical Trust. This is a prime example 7 Storey Medical property which runs adjacent to Warringal Hospital, with Ramsay Health being a key anchor tenant.

- RPG Capital has also developed projects in joint ventures with International and domestic landowners.

Wholesale Unit Property Trust

- RPG capital has established wholesale unit property trusts to develop property in both residential and commercial markets ranging from 20 – 60 apartments over the past 10 years.

- Over the past 15 years, RPG Capital has been able to find debt solutions for funding via our long time relationships with several principal financial Institutions.